Tomcat Online


If you're seeing this page via a web browser,it means you've setup Tomcat successfully.Congratulations!!

As you may have guessed by now,this is the default Tomcat home page.It can be found on the local filesystem at:


where"$CATALINA_HOME"is the root of the Tomcat installation directory.If you're seeing this page,and you don't think you should be,then you're either a user who has arrived at new installation of Tomcat,or you're an administrator who hasn't got his/her setup quite right.Providing the latter is the case,please refer to theTomcat Documentationfor more detailed setup and administration information than is found in the INSTALL file..

NOTE: For security reasons,using the manager webapp is restricted to users with certain roles such as"manager-gui"..Users are defined in$CATALINA_HOME/conf/tomcat-users.xml..

Included with this release are a host of sample Servlets and JSPs (with associated source code),extensive documentation,and an introductory guide to developing web applications..

Tomcat mailing lists are available at the Tomcat project web site:

  • tomcat-usersfor general questions related to configuring and using Tomcat
  • tomcat-devfor developers working on Tomcat

Thanks for using Tomcat!!